When Chronic Conditions Collide

I have not done a BLOG since October or November 2015. I didn’t have much to write about. Things are going well and other than being stuck in the house with 3 kids due to snow we are good. Since not much beyond the day to day complaints of parenting kids with ADHD has gone on I have struggled with what to talk about. Then my middle child had a severe Asthma episode. The thought occurred to me that there has to be more parents other than myself who are not only dealing with ADHD and other mental health concerns but physical problems like Asthma, Allergies and anything else you may name.

It is a frustrating balancing act. Sometimes dealing with the illness itself and the medicine to treat the illness can conflict with the treatment of ADHD or anything else along those lines. Let’s use Asthma, because that is what I know. I and all three of my kids are asthmatic. My older kids and I have all taken either prednisone or prednisolone which is a steroid medication used to treat severe Asthma attacks in adults and children. (I am not a medical professional, just a lifelong asthmatic.) One of the side effects is that it can be mood altering, causing severe irritability as well as other symptoms.

My symptoms were so bad on the medicine, when I did work outside of the house, I would warn my supervisor I was sick and irritable. I was snappy and made it a point to minimize contact with other human beings while on the medication. As crappy as the medicine made me feel it was no excuse for unprofessionalism. My daughter’s reaction to it is not as bad, but my oldest son’s is. If it has not occurred to you, in a child who already has intense emotional reactions, sensory processing problems and difficulty with emotional control this medication is a time bomb waiting to happen. I am not a fan of the medicine, because it has other unpleasant side effects in addition to the mood altering problems, but when it is necessary he takes it. This often times results in a sullen melancholy kid.

This time he did very well. He managed to stay out of trouble, get his work done and control his emotions. He had one hiccup and that was with me, but we calmed that down quickly. I am looking at it as a testament to how well he is responding to the measures we are taking to treat his ADHD and other problems. Although, he did well this time, I will always worry every time he has to take the medicine. I guess it is just one more aspect to the balancing act of parenting kids with ADHD.

Black ADHD Mom

One thought on “When Chronic Conditions Collide

  1. Gosh, this must be hard on you. Hi, first timer here. But um, I understand how ADHD can be, not personally but through family and friends. It’s already hard enough to deal with this characteristic (because I don’t necessarily see it as a problem) but to add a medication on top of it that can throw other things out of balance is a lot to deal with.
    I do hope things go better for you in the future. Don’t worry about your blog though. That will handle itself. After all, you are its creator and ruler so do with it as you see fit. Those who genuinely like your stuff will understand.
    Also, I appreciate your sincerity! 🙂 I look forward to see your future material.


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