Schedule is important

I have said before scheduling is important. In my house this includes having the same person making sure everything gets done that needs to get done. I am the primary caretaker of my kids, I also have to work two evening a month. Well for some reason about two weeks out of October were crazy, meaning schedule was shot in addition to my normal evening work. As such I was not as on top of my son as I should and meds were missed. This resulted in one bad week at school. Basically, it was the perfect storm and Cro-Magnon man made a reappearance. The space cadet also had a strong resurgence. We have settled everything down and we are pretty much back on track, but I am sharing this to say we all have set backs. We struggle with schedule every day. The trick is when you get off track to get back on as fast as possible.

Here some suggestions from a person who has a hard time keeping a schedule how to get back on track:

Don’t spend an hour beating yourself up

Too often I get more off schedule because I waste time being frustrated about getting off schedule. No, I don’t sit down and sulk about it, I just get so frustrated I cannot move with purpose and direction. Let it go. If you hustle you can make-up the time and if you don’t the world will not end.

Build in time to waste

If you have a child or children with ADHD they will get off track. Wake them up early enough to compensate for this lost time. My daughter moves slow as molasses on a cold day and she is easily distracted. I wake her up at 5:40 am most days to compensate for her lack of direction. If it is not an issue of waking up in the morning then plan an extra hour into your preparation time.  If you think it takes two hours to get out of the house start moving in that direction 3 to 4 hours early. Warning, even with this you will be late sometimes because ADHD kids can be hard to get moving in the right direction.  We are often late and I think most people would be surprised how early I started. 

Make your kids get ready for the next day the night before

This sounds like a no brainer, but it sounds much easier than it actually is. With evenings many weeks being very busy with homework and extra-curricular activities it is hard to make sure they prepare for the next day, but this is important for your sanity. This step is often missed when I am not the one making sure they get ready for bed, it is missed on my watch too often as well. However, when it is done my mornings go much smoother.

Prepare for your week the weekend before

This is the best tip I have ever had and I wish I thought of it, but I didn’t. I have seen it suggested before and had it suggested by friends. The weekends I am able to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner, get laundry done and put away, and clean up make my week go smoothly. I think I have managed to do this twice but when it gets done it is great. That is a lot to do, but if you can get a few meals planned, laundry done and get the lunches planned you will be gold.

Build in time to take a break

If you are like most of us wannabe super moms or super dads you run on fumes most days. This is a bad idea. You need a break. Make time to sit down.

I would like to say I do all of these things and my life goes smoothly, but I can’t because that would be a lie. My life is not smooth. Maintaining a schedule is very hard for me and my children, these are some of the things I have found that help me get back on track when we are off.

Black ADHD Mom

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