I have not posted a Blog in a while. I have written several, but they didn’t seem to be right so I did not post them. The first quarter of the school year continues to be generally uneventful and I am a little scared to acknowledge that. Years of constant phone calls from the school, not being able to get anything done, and answering the phone with the phrase “Hello, what is wrong?,” have conditioned me to tense up when the number for the school shows up on my phone. This year has not be a perfect year, my daughter is having some difficulty adjusting to middle school, but not much. My son still fights on some homework, but this does not seem outside of the realm of normal to me. The perfect child does not exist, but things are easier.

Now, I can focus on the little one, and getting him ready for school next year. You don’t have time for baby mommy and me classes when mommy has to run to the school every other day to handle a meltdown. He is ready for his own activities and to go to daycare, so he will be ready to join his brother and sister at their school next year. The school goes from Pre-K to 8th grade.

Throughout this journey people kept telling me things would get better. I can’t say that I believed them. Some part of me thought I would always be dealing with the stress and strain of managing meltdowns at home and at school. I thought I would always struggle to give each child what they needed and pray I find a moment to do what I need for me. Now I understand. It does get better. As with any parenting journey there are stumbling blocks and setbacks, but what I realize is as my children mature and I grow as a parent we handle those problems better. We are starting to achieve a balance in the house that works,. (With great emphasis on starting.)

We are a work in progress, and I am now starting to see the fruits of our labor.

Black ADHD Mom

2 thoughts on “Calm

  1. No mother is perfect! You have done an admirable job of getting your children to accept the onerous task of learning. Few kids are like I was. School was my refuge from the farm. Going there was a reward not a punishment. My little brother had the same difficulties you have described with your kids. For him, school was a living nightmare. This was long before schools began to accept kids with ADHD are just people too, a little smaller but people! Be thankful it is not that way today. Your kids problems are not because of poor parenting! What actually causes ADHD is still a mystery that is waiting to be solved. Will it happen n our lifetime, who knows?

    God has a mysterious sense of humor! He is probably getting a few chuckles out of your struggles. Laughter is the best medicine after all!

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