No Meeting After Two Weeks

So in my blog “Have you ever had a root canal?” I talked about the dreaded first two weeks of school when the teachers are somewhat in denial. Well we are two weeks and two days in. I have sent follow-up emails and received generally good reports. This equals a little less stress. I can breathe a half sigh of relief.

This is best start to a school year we have had so far, particularly for my son. My daughter usually makes it all the way through the first few weeks without much of a problem. Her issue usually starts with the increase in work load. Her organizational skills are low and she tends to lose work. This year she gets most of her work electronically, and I have access to the assignments as well. It means less time keeping up with work, and it makes it easier for me to hold her accountable. She is also taking a study skills elective to help with organization. In previous years my son has had several minor meltdowns by now. Usually, this is something we are discussing in the accommodations meeting. This year, because the meeting was so early, I prepared myself for the e-mail calling for a second meeting about him, but thankfully the e-mail I received was positive.

We are only 12 school days into the school year we are now ending the “honeymoon phase. I am hesitant to celebrate too soon. This is still new, but we have adapted to the new schedule. We have been on time every day so far, knock on wood. (That is one of our challenges.) I have made it a point to wake them up at O’ dark thirty to make sure we have plenty of time to lollygag, BS, and waste all the time they deem necessary to waste and still get to school on time with my blood pressure staying at a relatively normal level. My kids are completing work and turning it in on time. We have little fuss getting homework done, and my son is finishing his homework during study hall at school. This school year has started smoothly with regard to my kid’s attitude towards school and performance in school.

I guess this doesn’t sound really exciting or funny, but I have prayed for the day I can say things have been uneventful at school. As the mom of a different kid having a relatively normal school experience is a pipe dream. Having a teacher e-mail you and tell you your child is doing very well, has a good attitude, and is following through with work will bring tears to your eyes.

This blog is more about celebrating small successes. With regard to him and her they received verbal praise and discussion about rewards for keeping it up through the end of the 9 weeks. I know many may think they need a reward now, but we also need to keep our heads and not reward too soon. I know my kids. If they receive rewards too early then all this progress may go straight to H***.

To all the parents who are in the trenches fighting for your child or children, when you get a chance to look-up and assess the situation, you may find you have gained more ground than you realized.

Black ADHD Mom

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