I guess many people may be wondering why I am writing this down. I am sure many parents out there are thinking I am somehow violating my kid’s privacy by sharing all of this information. The truth is what I share isn’t necessarily private. The fact my daughter doesn’t stop talking and cannot organize her way out of a paper bag is public knowledge, because it shows up every day as she tries to function. The fact my son has difficulty with emotional control and gets frustrated easily is public knowledge. What is not public knowledge is why. They have a real medical condition that makes it hard for them to do normal executive functioning activities every day. Lack of sleep, illness, or a change in schedule can be disastrous for them. I don’t believe I should feel ashamed that my kids are different from other kids. No one would tell a parent of a child with a physical disability to hide the fact the child has a problem, but people will post a meme on Facebook with the picture of a belt saying “The original ADHD medicine.” Too often thought processes like this hinder a child trying to cope with ADHD. I am writing so people who do not live with this disorder can see that it is beyond telling a child to sit down and obey. I am writing so parents who live with this disorder realize there is someone else out here who understands. I am also writing, because it helps me step back and see how far we have come.

Black ADHD Mom

One thought on “I WRITE BECAUSE:

  1. Bravo! We share to educate. People won’t support us or our children until they feel compassionate enough to want to make a difference. Compassion comes through understanding (when it can’t happen the other way around – which for some it can’t).


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