Sometimes I feel like I have the only kids who do not understand volume control. Sometimes I feel like the only parent with kids who do not know there is a time and place for certain types of play, and it is not in Target. Sometimes I feel like the only parent who puts off a store trip to the very latest, because I dread the experience. Oh, I am not alone you say? Well where are these parents experiencing the store trip from hell, when I am? I know the answer to that is; I can‘t see them because I am too lost in my own store trip to notice anyone else having trouble. Let me be clear, I am not talking about temper tantrums or meltdowns. I am talking about what would be normal play at a park or outside of the house, but they wait until we get into Target to start this. Walking through a store to pick-up last minute items for dinner and trying to corral three kids is not fun. It would not be fun with three kids who have 100 percent impulse control. So can you imagine what it is like with my kids who I would say have at the most 50 percent impulse control? Not to mention I am Southern(USA). Why does this matter? I was raised to be polite and aware of disturbing others. Oh and you don’t generally act a fool in the grocery store. So two kids yelling at the top of their lungs, and the other fussing at the other two over the yelling irks me. Don’t get me wrong we get loud very often down here, but the time and the place for that is not the middle of the grocery store!

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