Today my house is crazy. We did not leave the house and that was an error. I had work to finish, laundry to do and three kids cooped up in a house. It is too hot for outside play and the little one just went down for a nap. I am on EST in the US so we know my evening will be fun. All this being said it could be worse. I got most of my work done. The house is currently quiet including the dog, and the sun stays up long enough to still get out the house when little man wakes up. When does school start again? 😉

One thought on “Insanity!!!!

  1. I love that you blog….my be I will start blogging…it will give me an appropriate place to share what I am experiencing….Thanks so much Gina….This helps more than you could imagine…..I makes you not feel alone in the things you are dealing with…..Thanks again…


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