Counting Blessings

My first few posts have been about the stresses related to dealing with a learning difference. However, what I have not said is I feel really blessed. My life could be so much more difficult. There are parents who are reading this dealing with Autism, ODD, and a host of other things I may have never heard about. I realize there are parents that would trade for my troubles in a minute, because there are medications and treatment that have a significant benefit on ADHD. Not all kid’s behavior problems or learning disabilities are able to be addressed as effectively. I know this, because my middle child does have a few extra concerns. The most difficult to deal with is sensory integration disorder or sensory processing disorder. I have heard both terms. That is for another Blog. Right now I want to address my top ten blessings.

  1. I know how to pray and have faith in God’s will for my life.
  2. I have children to love.
  3. My children can tell me they love me.
  4. My children laugh with me.
  5. My children are of normal intelligence.
  6. My children are at a school that encourages and supports them, and me.
  7. My husband helps.
  8. My children are generally happy.
  9. My kids can learn to be self-sufficient.
  10. My kids are loving good people, who care about others.

The last thing I want to say is I refer to ADHD, because that is what I know. I know there are parents out there dealing with more serious concerns or with less of a support system. I am writing this so we can virtually support each other. This Blog is for any parent who knows the blessings and stressors of dealing with have a Different kid. I have no question our kids will grow to be productive and successful adults, we just have to get them there. What are your blessings?

Black ADHD Mom

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