The emotional turmoil related to having kids with ADHD, or any type of learning difference or disability can take its toll. That being said parenting in general is a hard job and I don’t want to belittle the challenges of parenting a child who may not have a diagnosable disorder. We are all doing our best. So the following is a chart of how the reactions are different when you parent one type of child or the other. The labels are only to distinguish and not a judgment call on the kids. This is all in fun. So please don’t take it too seriously.

1 Child becomes angry mumbles and storms off to their room. I don’t know how much attitude I can take from that child. Wow, he handled that well.
2. A child gets a C or D on a report card in a class that was a struggle. I am glad you passed but you need to do better next time. “CLAPS HANDS STOMPS FEET” Thank God you passed. We can go forward from here. ( They might even shed a few tears)
3. Phone call from school Oh no I hope my child is alright. Oh God what has he/she done now?
4. Child is making irritating, minimally disruptive noise at an event. Stop before you disturb someone. Doesn’t even hear it.
5. Excited child tells a completely disconnected story about his/her day. Slow down, I cannot understand you. Follows along perfectly. This is their everyday.
6. Time to leave the house. 2:00pm Get dressed we are going a movie. Time to go. (This may need to be repeated a few times, they are kids.) Make it there on time. 1:00pm. We are going to a 4:00 movie today. Please get dressed. 2:00pm. OK you are showered put on clothes.

3:00 pm. The movies Is 30 minutes away shoes and sock. 3:30 pm We are going to be late. 3:45 walk out the door. No not late the movie actually started at 4:25pm.

7. There is a substitute teacher tomorrow. Nothing they know how to act. “OK your regular teacher is not there tomorrow…….”
8. Drop kid off at school and there is a substitute and you did not know. Once again nothing. Sits by the phone all day dreading the phone call. “Riinnnnng”
9. Party Day at school, cookies, candy, and everything else bad and full of sugar They will crash tonight from a sugar high Sits by the phone all day dreading the phone call. “Riinnnnng”
10. There is a change in schedule for any reason. Nothing. They will be fine. Sits by the phone all day dreading the phone call. “Riinnnnng”

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